I'm a girl who's a bit insecured about her size, but she tries her best to embrace her petiteness.
I, go by the name, Aliah and people might either know me as Aliah Nazamusa or Aliah Syahmina.
I write what I feel like writing, I want to be good at it but I don't make enough effort to learn how to write well. 

I always want to be a model, but the limitations that I have on my height and facial features and my lack of love towards makeup products hinder my dream to come true,
hence I decide to only stick to posting my pictures just on my instagram/blog.

You can talk to me about anything, I will do my best to listen and give advices if you need some.
I'm in Electrical Engineering major, will serve as an engineer for at least 7 years before deciding on 
what I want to do for living.

I don't have specific aims in life,
I never thought of staying in the academia world for long,
but I want to have an empire of my own,
maybe somewhere in my fantasy land.

All I want is to live happily and blessfully.

For any inquiry, just drop me an email : maliahe13d11@gmail.com



  1. Hai cik aliah.. bila cik start belajar di luar?


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