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I love my mum so much!

I hardly tell this to my mum, but I think today I would want to write about it, because my mum might end up reading my blog and she will know that I always feel this about her.
I can spend hours talking to my mum about the most random stuff ever, there's no secret between me and my mum but before I told her big big secrets,  I had to warn her not to tell my dad about them.
Because my mum and my dad, they're BFF that they share everything together!!
So my mum technically has two best friends, my dad and I.
Every week, I will make sure I have allocated at least 1 night that I can spend just talking to my mum, I will free up my schedule because the minimum time I need to talk to her is 2 hours.
I can joke around with my mum  and make fun of her double chin and always ask her to start exercising when I'm not.
I swear my mum only exercises when I'm around at home.
During summer, I would be my mum's co-driver, to everywhere she goes, I can't let her going to places …

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