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And all the fairytales make me think

All the fairytales make me think do fairytales actually exist?
The books I read, make me think of the possibility of those crises that happened,  would they ever turn to be something I could cherish later?
Will time heal everything?
Reading the books, imagining myself to be the character portrayed, it's not right.
I didn't feel right, in a sense that I never loved someone as much as the character would do.
I have always been the opposite. I would be the one who didn't show much affection, I would be the one who didn't appreciate enough. I would be the one who didn't love enough.
Maybe I just suck at expressing my feeling?
I could write, yes. I could write a damn good, heart-touching card expressing what I feel, but in front of the person I love, I'm acting cold.
Or maybe I am not?
I don't know how to show my affection  other than to always want to be around that person all the time. Because I would feel safe, loved and at home.
I feel comfortable.
Even tho…

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