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Hello people! I have been missing for a week, I know! I've been too caught up with school stuff and other events in Montreal but I have a few blogpost drafts ready heheh
One of the things I did last two Fridays  was watching theater.  So McGill Drama Club had a theatre festival every year and this year I had the time to attend it.
I watched three plays in one night and overall, I was impressed with the students' performance! They really could act and oh wow they had time to do all of these...
So the next Monday after the event, a classmate talked to me, cause he saw me at the event. So he's asking me about the plays.. You know normal stuff, which one did you enjoy the most etc.
Okay, so the second play was funny as hell! I couldn't stop laughing! It's pretty classic, about detective story, who killed the husband, the suspect was the wife because he was asking for a divorce a few days before and turned out, it's the crazy ex-girlfriend who poisoned him. And he …

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