KLFW is really a big thing for fashion lovers,
and that excludes me!

But this year, it's different.

I'm still not into fashion, but I'm willing to acknowledge
our local designers, well thanks to FashionValet!

I was coincidentally staying 
in KL for one night, during
KLFW16, and since my hotel
was just a walking-distance from Pavilion,
so I decided, why not?

My initial plan was to visit the duck store and
bought myself a few scarfs cause
I had been to FashionValet store in Bangsar Village II,
and I hardly found any of my perfect scarf.

Duck store has so many promising stuff,
it did offer me a lot during my visit.

I accidentally bought three scarves when I only wanted to buy

Sorry for being such a girl, lol.

The trick here is to go to the store at noon,
cause they're gonna restock their scarves by then
and mine were all 'freshly baked'
and I got to witness them, doing the ribbon perfectly.

The first time I went to the store, I bought only one scarf.
Then this wonderful lady, she's super pretty, working at the duck store
told me about the trick. So, that's how I know this and it's good to share to
all the duckies and soon-to-be ones!

I am not an authentic duckie tbh, I'm just a beginner.

I've known so many duckies out there,
and my money in the bank cannot keep up to their standard lol.

Oh so, I went to Pavilion with Adeeda (the true duckie) and my sister, Ina.
After our first visit to the duck store,
we went to the centre of pavilion,
on the 2nd floor to witness the empty stage of KLFW.

Then we stalked Vivy Yusof and Iman from the top.

Five minutes later,
they made their way out of the KLFW area,
and so we followed the trail.

My sister saw them almost walking out of Pavilion,
when we were still on the escalator.
Only God knows why am I dying to meet the VIVY YUSOF!

So in high heels,
I ran!
And approached her myself!

I couldn't feel my leg,
the experience is surreal, man!

She noticed the duck paperbags,
I couldn't say things properly,
I was just mesmerized by her beauty
and Adeeda was wearing the same exact duck as Vivy

and we took pictures, even with Iman too!

Iman took great pictures! Vivy took our picture with Iman,
they're very friendly, sincere.
they are not faking it!


Then we were so excited about it, so we acted back the incident
and had our brunch at the DC cafe

we went to the store for the second time!

And this time, 
I got myself 2 ducks!!

RIP Money!!

But never mind,
post Vivy retreating session.

My mum called me five seconds after that, cause we had to check out and stuff,
but I had to meet Edda, Aida and Pusya afterwards, so
we had to rush to the hotel
and bammmm
I met Vivy again!

But this time, we're walking to different directions.
and she seemed to be busy and I didn't wanna look
like a psycho fan,
so I kept it low lol

After my meeting with friends,
my mom, Ina and I walked back to Pavilion
cause I wanted to show Mama the store
and almost grabbed another duck
but the Minister of Finance didn't seem to approve it,
so I had to put my box down
and we witnessed the KLFW'16.

I saw bunch or celebrities including Fazura,
and my mum was super excited about it.
She always feels like Fazura and I, we share the same pink DNA.
You know what I mean :P

But she's busy and I didn't feel like
meeting other celebrities
meeting Vivy Yusof meant the world to me!

So that's how I came up with the blog title.

The end.


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