10 Instagram Profiles That I Secretly Stalk


  • My favourite girl of all, @vivyyusof
    • I love her lifestyle, family life and her brand, dUCk. My day won't be complete without checking out her instastories.

  • @kekandco
    • I love their designs and I wish I can have them as my wedding cake designer.

  • @throughmywickedlenses
    • His traveling pictures are the best! His photography skills are just on point. I wish I could own a Canon 6D now!
  • @sdidonato
    • He shoots most of his pictures using iPhone 6s. He’s from Montreal, his views of Montreal is different than any other instagram profiles.

  • @designlovefest
    • She’s a creative director, product designer, blogger and travel addict. One of my dreams is to be a designer, but I am not creative. So her instagram profile inspires me to be a step closer to my dream.
  • @idamahmoudi
    • She’s a McGill graduate, currently studying at Law School at Ottawa. I know her from McMUN and SSUNS. She’s beauty with brain.
  • @anidriamin
    • Kak Irdina is two years older than me, she’s too from SSP. She just graduated from UM, she’s now a doctor. Her captions always make me ponder. 

  • @dangerousatanyspeed
    • Her poses in all her pictures are catchy and she’s not a typical portrait photography.
  • @mariescholtz
    • She’s a blogger from Canada, I think she’s from Montreal because at times she posted pictures of the city
  • @melodymilikqa
    • She’s a keen traveler, she’s Pan’s sister. I love her lifestyle, she travels, sails and does horse riding during her past times, she's a lawyer. She's too, the definition of beauty with brain.


  1. are you sure that fattah amin and fazura were not in your list? hahaha

    1. Hahaha betul betul! I only stalk their instatory #adabeza hahahah


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