The Born of Keyboard Warriors

As social medias become the new norm of today’s society, there born a group of people called the keyboard warriors. Some of them are very positive and polite. Some are just too honest and rather be categorized as rude.

These people have the courage to criticize and throw every possible bad words to someone they don’t know in person simply because they’re behind those screens.

Cyber bullying is real. You might think those who have depression due to cyber bully seem to be weak and fragile, but you have to rethink your opinion. 

Imagine having more than 100 comments written on your twitter/instagram posts criticizing your very existence, especially towards your physical appearance, your family and your life, for every single day. 

“You’re stupid. You’re ugly. You’re a b****. You’re a wh***.”

Having to read those statements every single day.

If you receive them once or twice, you might be able to ignore them. But for everyday? For more than 100 times per day?

You’ll end up questioning your existence. And that’s bad.

On the other hand, people are telling you what’s right and wrong in your life. They’re not advising you, but rather forcing you to do something they want you to do. You become their slaves, mentally tortured and your soul feels the need to follow what they want because you’re afraid of being criticized more. You’re scared of those hatred speeches. You’re living in their bubbles. Your life is being controlled by their opinions. So you change accordingly.

But as you change, another group of people will criticize your change. Now, you’re stuck in between. You are criticized either way and you can’t make both sides happy but you’re afraid of being labelled as bias. 

Your life is no longer lived as you please. You’re not becoming yourself.

This is reality. It happens.

If all of these ever happened to you, you have to be strong. You have to hold on to your life principle and you have to consider what’s wrong and what’s right based on your moral, religion and principles that have been nurtured by your family or maybe by someone you inspire most.

Life is short so do things that won’t make you regret during your later days.

But I have something to say for the keyboard warriors who are selfish enough to brutally say what they wanna say without even thinking about others’ feelings. To those who think they have the power over someone’s life. To those who are very rude to others and have no idea what they said are hurting many people. To those who’re shallow minded and jugdemental. Tho those who play God and are arrogant enough to categorize who’s a sinner and who’s saint.

You are the ones who have to rethink your very existence. Put yourself in others’ shoes before saying things that will hurt you if those words are written to you. You should know that you don’t have even the slightest right to say wether one deserves to be in the heaven or hell. Say good things and good things will happen to you. You may have repented to God but remember that if you hurt one’s feeling, you should apologize to that person too. If you don’t like something, you can advise but you should know how to say it properly. Most importantly, all of us can improve ourselves while we have the time to do so. So, it’s never too late for you to repent too :)


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