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I’ve tried my best to keep my feed of certain themes 
but when I said themes, they’re basically pictures of the same shades of shawls. 
Silly, I know. 

But most of the time, I’m out of captions. 
I have a basic idea on what to type etc, 
but every time I feel like typing one, I would think three times. 
Will I ever be judged by what I’m saying? 

This relates to my earlier post. 

I, too, am being controlled by society. The pressure is always on me. Social pressure. 
Broken english is better than unintentional grammar mistakes. It’s funny how people are being too concern about one’s grammar, but hardly use proper Malay grammar to begin with. 

There’s a fine line between correcting people for them to improve and correcting them to show you’re better. Living in Montreal has widened my perspective on language. The first language spoken here is French and yes French people always prefer their language over English. But my friends who speak English since the day they’re born have never judged non-native English speakers, but non-native English speakers have always been so judg-y towards each other lol. 

And whenever someone is trying to improve her English, they insult her by saying how arrogant she’s to forget her mother tongue language. I mean, as long as the message is well-received, the purpose of having language as a tool of communication is pretty well achieved, right? Grammar is indeed very important, but maybe it is more important when it comes to a formal thing. Oh well, then again this is just my honest opinion on language. 

My whole point is stop labelling people. Just because her photo caption is in English, it doesn’t make her any better than someone whose caption is in Malay. After all, never judge someone from her picture (or caption). You don't know everything about someone just because you follow him/her on instagram :)


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