Friendship Posts

Friendship posts on instagram always trigger me.
I’m not sure in a good way or a bad way haha!
I kinda miss the idea of having best friends 
and receiving cute appreciation notes from my best friends.
I miss those moments. 

Now, my high school friends are all grown-ups. 
Everyone is busy and I am already lost track of everyone’s life.
Instagram posts and instastories are the only ways I have to keep me updated with everyone’s life.
But I’m not always on my instagram now because I don’t have wifi at home, I only got to be on instragram when I wanted to post picture.
So, I’m not very connected to the outside world, I must say. 

Everyone is studying in different places.
I am lucky/unlucky. I am unlucky to not study in the same place as my friends. But I’m lucky to get to know new friends.
I’m unlucky to not have best friends like how I used to have before. 
But I’m lucky that I still have friends that care about me.

After all, I need to move on from that phase, right? 
Now, I shall cherish my moments at home and not to grieve about my loss hahaha


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