Book Review : 9) The Rosie Project

Book Review : 9) Title: The Rosie Project
Author : Graeme Simsion
Publication : Penguin
Page : 330

It’s a story about a geneticist, Don Tillman who lived by the rules, scientific theory and the concept of probability.
To be honest, at one point I felt like reading my probability slides (laughing emoji, please imagine this)! 

Don Tillman devised The Wife Project to find his perfect wife, and all the criteria were just too impossible to find. A woman will only be considered as suitable for this project only if she would sleep as scheduled, only talk about theories, exercise regularly and believe that all ice-creams taste the same! Ridiciluous!

However, in the middle of the project, his friend (note that he only had four friends in his entire life), Prof Gene set him up on a date with Rosie and he ended up helping Rosie finding her biological. He fell for her but he didn’t find the exact theory that could explain his feelings, so he preferred dismissing the strange feeling he felt.

I ranked this 9th because at one point I felt like reading a science book, I felt like Don Tillman was more like a robot, not a human because he didn’t have feelings. But when I think about this again, the author has successfully portrayed Tillman’s life very well. Kuddos to Rosie for having the charms to change this heartless man!


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