Book Review : 7) Attachments

Book Review : 7) Title: Attachments
Author :  Rainbow Rowell
Publication : Orion
Page : 355

Lincoln, is a shy IT guy. He was responsible for monitoring emails. Beth and Jennifer’s emails attracted his attention the most and little did he know one of them fell for him!

He too, fell for the girl. But as a man who was already in his 20s and still living with her mom, he didn’t know how to approach a girl and he hadn’t truly moved on from his ex-girlfriend who already married and had kids.

I’ve read Eleanor & Park, I love it so much! I kinda expected more from Powell. Little did I know ‘Attachments’ was Powell’s first ever novel. I understand now.

Lincoln grew up and became more matured as time passed by. 

Not everyone has the guts to be vocal about what s/he feels and thinks about. Some people need more time to confront others and speak up. Some chooses to leave and some chooses to hold on and come back when the right time comes.


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