Book Review : 10) Who Do You Love

Book Review  : 10) Title: Who Do You Love 
Author             : Jennifer Weiner
Publication      : Simon and Schuster
Page                : 385

A story about a girl named Rachel and a boy named Andy. They met at an ER room, Rachel had a heart disease meanwhile Andy had a broken arm. They met again when they were 15 at a camp. They lived in different states, they came from different family backgrounds. Andy is a poor boy, living in Philedelphia with her mother and he went to a catholic school. Meanwhile, Rachel came from a rich family, she’s a Jewish girl and her family insisted her to marry a jew.

They grew apart because of their social status, different interests but love always brought them back together, even after they’ve reached their forties!

The plot is pretty much unexpected. I like it when the author touched on racism issues, religious, drugs, social problems in her book. All of these issues could break a relationship and torn a family apart. It takes courages and patience for everything to work. Love means nothing without tolerance.

I liked this book the least because I felt like the owner elaborated so much on unnecessary stuff but left important things unsaid. I wanted to know more about Andy’s dad, I wanted to know more about how his mother felt all this while. I wanted to know about what Rachel parents thought about her ex-husband. There’re so many questions in my head, thus I ranked it last.


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