3am conversation is always therapeutic

Yesterday I was at the weakest point of my life and indeed, when we’re at that point of our life, we should pray to God seeking for His guidance. I totally agree with that.

But as a human, I also need someone to talk to. My friends and I, we have grown older and apart. Again, back to my geographical reason lol. But I guess it’s true that we can’t get everything we want in life.

If we lose something, we’re gonna gain something.

I still have my ultimate best friend that is willing to listen to my stories. We’ve been reminiscing about good, old times (we feel old cause it’s been 5 years since we left high school). 

High school memories are always the best, I remember most of them and they’re very close to my heart. Maybe I will miss my university life as much. Even though I won’t be able to meet my high school best friends for every single week these days, I still know that they will be in Malaysia later once we’ve graduated. But university friends? It hurts to even think about the last days of university, I won’t be able to see Aanika, Sara, Nusaiba cause we’re all from different countries!!!!! Countries, OMG!

I’ve been reading a lot of novels these days, since last two weeks, I’ve read 9 novels and I updated my novel reviews on my instastory because I don’t have the strength to really write my reviews on my blog. lol.
Novels gave me so much insights about outer life, I enjoy reading novels more than watching series or dramas because I get to know more about the characters’ feelings when I read. 

After reading some of the books, I’ve noticed that most of the authors were mentioning about the idea of having high school sweetheart.

High school best friends, they grow older with me, even at one point everyone is growing apart, the memories that we’ve shared will always bring us together. I’m glad to have high school best friends. I’m also happy to have someone as my high school scandal, best friend and sweetheart <3

You know who you are.

Thank you for everything!


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